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Sugar Addictiion Recovery

Sugar metabolism is connected to the food reward system in the brain by powerful signaling through taste, the chemical transformation of food, and the gut-brain axis. The ingestion of sugar causes the brain to release dopamine which can drive cravings and over time addiction. Sugar addiction is a brain disease and is not your fault.

Our program begins by eliminating the driver and activator of the brain network: sugar. We work with you to establish a healthy food plan that abstains from sugar, leaves out foods you don't like, or foods that viloate your religous beliefs and help you tweak your diet to remove trigger foods.

It is not just about what you eat. Recovery involves safegaurding your living space, learning how to modulate social situations and trips to the grocery store and even sleep, stress, and exercise are addressed. We emphasize a holistic approach to sugar addiction recovery.

Yet perhaps the most important aspect of recovery is understanding how the addicted brain talks to you and how the cravings and the subtle voice, called the red dog, pushes you to give in to the urges and eat sugar again. Therefore, we help you find strategies to strengthen your inner voice. The one that is logical and full of love and compassion called the blue dog. We work with you to strengthen and develope the blue dog so that your recovery can become lifelong.

We help and teach you through one-on-one coaching and group support. Relationships are emphasized on your road to recovery!

Dr. Pete & T's Sugar Recovery


12 Week Program

Personal Coaching By Dr. Pete & T (text, Marco Polo, Zoom, Discord)

Low Carb Online Course

Weekly Zoom Low Carb/Addiction Instruction (First 4 Weeks)

30 Day Meal Plan (menu, recipes, shopping list, etc.)

108 Keto Recipes eBook

Weekly Discord Group Peer Support Meeting

Private Discord Group Chat/Support

Optional 16 Point Metabolic Blood/Food Analysis

Biomarker App/Logbook

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